Benefits to the Senior Living Community

Benefits to the Senior Living Community

MTCA offers treatment and preventive services to meet the full range of your residents’ cognitive health needs.

While some residents may be suffering from cognitive impairment that is too severe to allow benefit from our services, most senior living residents can be helped to improve memory functioning, stabilize memory loss, develop compensatory skills, and apply improved memory functioning to their skills of daily living. Whether an individual is struggling to remember names and faces, appointments, times of activities, or misplacing objects and forgetting to take medication, our individualized sessions will help your residents gain the benefits they, their family-members, and you want them to achieve.

While the MTCA program is made up of cognitive rehabilitative treatment interventions, the program’s goal is prevention. This includes:

  • prevention for the general population of residents who are not yet evidencing symptoms of cognitive impairment
  • improvement AND prevention for residents already evidencing signs of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), characterized by the primary symptom of memory loss; this population of residents is not only helped to improve memory functioning and its application to daily life function, but further deterioration of function is prevented.

Residents who are already showing symptoms of dementia are unfortunately not able to benefit from professional memory training sessions.  Our comprehensive and targeted evaluation procedures yield the clinical information needed to make a determination regarding the patient’s degree of impairment and the medical necessity for treatment – or not.

The Senior Living Community benefits from the MTCA program and the overall improved cognitive health of its residents in a variety of ways. MTCA provides you with:

  • A clinical program staffed by Licensed Professionals for cognitive assessment, rehabilitation, education and support services to your residents.
  • Psychologists and Social Workers who fit seamlessly into your community.
  • Host the program for any/all seniors in the area and allow them to have their sessions in your community
  • Support for maintaining and building your census by providing marketing opportunities such as Memory Screening and educational events
  • Assistance when Residents first move to community
  • Assistance  when Residents have to increase services or  change environment (24 hr. Nursing , Memory Neighborhood)
  • Affordability:  No cost to your community

Offering an on-site Memory Center in your community provides a valuable service not only to your residents, but to your community-as-a whole in operations, care department, activities department, accounting, dietary, maintenance and your Memory Care Neighborhood.

The Senior Living Executives who operate the communities we serve inform us regularly of the benefits they see in their residents’ functioning and the pride they take in being able to offer this much needed service.  By providing an onsite MTCA Memory Treatment Program, the Senior Living Residence becomes a ‘Community of Prevention.’