MTCA retains psychologists and clinicians on a full or part-time consultant basis.

iStock_000017728109Small (2)Psychologists – Conduct cognitive testing, cognitive rehab/memory training sessions, and supervision of other licensed mental health professionals. All of our psychologists have to be licensed in the State in which they practice, and are to be educated at the level of PhD or PsyD.

Mental Health Counselors and Clinical Social Work Clinicians – Conduct cognitive rehab/memory training sessions. They also provide supportive cognitive therapy sessions. All clinicians who work under the supervision of psychologists are licensed in the State in which they practice, and are educated at the Master’s level of graduate study.

Neuropsychologists – Conduct neuropsychological testing for patients who are in need of this next level of testing beyond the initial cognitive battery. All MTCA neuropsychologists are doctoral level psychologists with post-graduate expertise/training in neuropsychological testing.

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