Benefits for Individuals with Age-Related Memory Changes.

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Cognitive Training Boosts Daily Living Skills in Healthy Seniors Older Adults

Source: The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, January 3rd 2007

“Healthy, older men and women who received training to boost thinking, memory, and cognitive skills reported doing better on everyday tasks like shopping, preparing meals, and balancing the checkbook, researchers report. The benefits were evident up to five years after the initial training sessions. These findings suggest that regular challenges to boost memory and reasoning may help to keep seniors mentally vital and allow them to continue to live independently. In an editorial accompanying the study, doctors speculate that cognitive training may be especially beneficial for those at risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Such training, they say, might one day be offered in senior centers, churches, schools, and clinics: “Importantly, cognitive training programs may give individuals a greater sense of control over the disturbing prospect of cognitive decline and have a beneficial effect on their quality of life.”


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