Benefits for Individuals with Age-Related Memory Changes.

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Professional Memory Training

Source: “Causes of and Treatments for Memory Impairment”, Harvard Medical School 07.07.

“Some medical centers offer memory training programs in which people meet every week or so to learn memory-enhancement techniques, then practice them as homework. Another alternative is to attend a series of individual sessions with a clinician who specializes in memory and other cognitive problems, such as a psychologist. Do memory training programs work? Studies on the effectiveness of memory-enhancement programs have found some benefit. People with memory problems that are substantial enough to interfere with their daily lives are most likely to benefit from individual treatment, where their particular needs can be identified and addressed. If you are considering a memory-enhancement program, choose one that is run by a health professional with specialized training in cognitive rehabilitation. Beware of memory-enhancement programs that use computer games as a one-size-fits-all means of strengthening your memory.”


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