Clinical Services

Evaluation Services

MTCA  offers  comprehensive  cognitive  evaluation  services  that  provide  diagnostic  information,  including a  complete  assessment  of  the  individual’s  cognitive  strengths  and  weaknesses.  Many  individuals subjectively  experience  subtle  shifts  in  their  memory  functioning  and  become  needlessly  alarmed  that they may have a serious cognitive disorder when they do not; others may not be aware of the extent to which  their cognitive  functioning is declining. Objective cognitive  testing provides information  regarding how mild or severe one’s cognitive impairment may be.

BrainWe  also  provide  neuropsychological  testing  to  enhance  the  evaluation  process  in  order  to  answer diagnostic questions and provide well-informed  treatment  recommendations. Neuropsychological  testing can answer questions such as:

  • Am I or a loved one suffering from a disease process?
  • If a disease process is operating, what is the condition?
  • Have all medical causes for memory impairment been ruled out?
  • What region(s) of the brain are affected?
  • What is the prognosis?
  • What treatment recommendations are indicated based on the complete testing battery?

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