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Memory Treatment Services

Professional Memory Training

iStock_000009141581Small (2)Our experienced Psychologists and Licensed Social Work Clinicians work with each individual in memory training  sessions  to  exercise  and  strengthen  memory  functioning  and  related  cognitive  processes. Individuals  are  supportively  guided  through  our  proprietary  computer  exercises  to  strengthen  neural connections  as  well  as  assist  in  developing  new  neural  pathways  that  are  required  to  encode  and store  new  information.  Through  these  techniques,  short-term  memory  functioning,  long-term  memory (storage) function, and related cognitive processes are strengthened. The goal of these sessions is to not only strengthen memory functioning but to help the individual transfer progress experienced in sessions to daily living skills and prevent further loss of function.

While  there  are  many  tools  available  today  to  “train  the  brain,”  the MTCA Treatment Program  utilizes  licensed professionals to conduct memory training sessions. The clinician determines which exercises will be most helpful to target the particular symptoms or daily life problems the individual is experiencing. Our skilled clinicians also adjust the level of exercise difficulty to ensure that each individual starts at his/her baseline, and grows from that point at a speed that enables optimal cognitive strengthening and success. Ongoing assessment is part of the treatment process. Through our proprietary treatment program, each patient’s progress can be assessed in a very individualized and specific manner. Through the standardized MTCA  evaluation  and  treatment-planning  procedures,  clinicians  are  provided  with  exquisitely  sensitive assessment  data  with  which  to  develop  treatment  recommendations, and  patients  are  able  to  observe concrete progress.

images-1Health and Behavior Intervention

MTCA clinicians also provide Health and Behavior  Intervention sessions. Many individuals have difficulty managing  their  medical  conditions  safely  and  effectively  as  the  result  of  memory  loss.  In  Health  and Behavior  sessions,  trained  clinicians  utilize  supportive  and  problem-solving  procedures  to  help  the individual manage their medical conditions with as much independence and competence as possible.

Psychological Counseling and Caregiver Support

Our  clinical  staff  also  provides  counseling  to  help  individuals  manage  the  emotional  stresses  and challenges  that  accompany  memory  loss.  Through  supportive  individual  therapy  sessions,  feelings  of loss,  anxiety  and  other difficult  emotions  are decreased,  and patients  are helped  to  feel  a greater sense of  confidence  and  self-esteem.  In  addition  to  providing  supportive  counseling  and  psycho-education  to individuals  experiencing  cognitive  impairment,  supportive  services  for  family-members  and  care-givers are also provided by MTCA counselors.

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