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The Memory Treatment Program

The Memory Treatment Program provides clinicians with a targeted way of using the MTCA-developed exercises and interventions. Exercises in this program have been utilized by the Memory Training Centers of America for over a decade to treat more than one thousand patients suffering from early stage Alzheimer’s disease, Mild Cognitive Disorder and other causes of memory loss. Professionals are able to utilize the program according to the clearly-defined configurations already established, or can manually control the level of difficulty and select specific exercises to meet the individual needs of each patient.

In order to develop the clinical expertise required to administer the program with optimal effectiveness, clinicians are provided with ongoing education through MTC University on the theoretical and clinical aspects of cognitive evaluation and treatment.

Program Features

The Memory Treatment Program consists of a series of over 17 Exercises grouped into 5 modules:

The Memory Treatment Program additionally allows the Clinician to:

  • Assess the patient’s level of cognitive impairment based on an initial level of performance
  • Graphically view the patient performance/impairment level and progression level for each exercise in the assigned module(s) via tables and longitudinal graphs, etc.
  • Determine an optimal treatment plan of modules/exercises, based on patient complaint and performance
  • Use pre-determined automatic rules of progression to optimize individual programs and create a unique patient experience
  • Utilize clinician-determined length of time in recall phase to exercise working memory vs. strengthening of patient capacity for storage of new information

Module Catalog

Visual Memory

This module includes a series of multi-level exercises to train many aspects to visual memory, including strategies to effectively remember visual markers, cues and other material. Read more »

Verbal Memory

This module includes exercise to improve verbal memory. The exercises help to build a strategy to effectively remember words and written materials and instructions. Read more »

Combined Verbal – Visual Memory

This module contains exercises to train the process of memorization and recall of people, places and events and conversations. Read more »

Auditory Memory

The auditory channel is a major source of inbound information for individuals. This module trains the attention and auditory memory, as well as capacities to recognize and discriminate sounds. Read more »

Attention and Concentration

This module provides creative exercises to train a patient’s visual attention and concentration skills. Read more »


This module provides an exercise to train word retrieval, anticipation and discrimination. Read more »

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