March 24, 2015: Dr. Brotter Presented at ASA Conference

Memory Training Centers of America

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.20.11 PMAMERICAN SOCIETY ON AGING (ASA) CONFERENCE, 2015

Dr. Brotter, MTCA’s Director of Training and Clinical  Services, challenged an ASA audience of impassioned professionals to reconsider the disease model Alzheimer’s.  Research on the common causal hypotheses of Alzheimer’s was presented, and a contrasting model of understanding Alzheimer’s in the context of Aging was offered. Implications for Prevention based on a new model viewing the process of cognitive decline were discussed in relation to the Senior Living Community as well as the larger societal community. The healthcare professionals and administrators in attendance helped to make the presentation a lively and interesting dialogue, and it is hoped that new ideas for programming and research will develop from the interaction!

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