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iStock_000026268989Small (2)MTC University provides education for consultants who provide clinical services for MTCA.  All MTCA consultants are licensed mental health professionals who come to MTCA already trained to provide cognitive health services. Our PhD psychologists provide cognitive and neuropsychological testing, as well as supervision of our Master’s level mental health clinicians.

MTC University offers our consulting clinicians ongoing educational opportunities. MTCU courses enable consistency in service delivery, as well as quality assurance that our clinicians are always learning state-of-the-science interventions and knowledge of the latest clinical research.

New courses and podcasts are always being added to the MTCU curriculum, such as the following:

MTCU Course for
Clinical Consultants


MTCU Course for
Psychologist Consultants



Providing a Professional
Memory Training Session


“When a Patient is on
Home Health Care…”