MTCA to Present at the 2015 ALFA Senior Living Executive Conference

Memory Training Centers of America

Drs. Brotter and Magaro have been asked to speak at the 2015 ALFA Senior Living Executive Conference in Tampa, FL, May 4-7, presentation schedule TBA.

The ALFA Conference is the premier professional development and business networking event in the senior living industry. The topic on which Drs. Magaro and Brotter will speak is: “Aging & Cognitive Decline: Evidence-based Prevention Programs for the Senior Living Community”, and will cover the knowledge domains of:

  • Clinical Issues and Resident Wellness
  • Gerontology
  • Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Memory Care

Managing cognitive decline of residents in the Senior Living Community is an ongoing challenge for caregiver and management staff. This challenge will only intensify as individuals are living longer and the Senior Living community of the future positions itself to meet the needs of its aging residents.  As residents grow older and untreated cognitive decline marches on, the burden placed on staff and the potential negative impact on the overall tenor of a community increases. Senior Living executives work to create communities that not only support the independence and quality of life of its residents, but also to create a community as a whole that feels vital. Furthermore, as residents experience cognitive decline, they may need the more intensive level of care provided by a Dementia or ‘Memory Care’ community. Whether at early or later stages in a process of aging and cognitive decline, and whether in independent, assisted or dementia care communities, the Senior Living executive works to develop ways of maintaining the health and vitality of its residents and provide the best possible programming to achieve these goals.

This workshop will focus on new ways of understanding the condition we refer to as “Alzheimer’s” in the context of aging, and present evidence-based treatments to prevent symptomatology and functional impairments associated with all stages of cognitive decline so that residents can maintain independence, quality of life and contribution to the community for as long as possible.

Please join us at the conference, exact schedule to be announced!

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