Memory Training Centers of America

An 80 year-old Manhattan resident states: "It's like when I go to my Tai Chi class 3 times week-It can be hard while I'm doing it, but I feel great after." His aide tells the memory training clinician that the patient looks forward to the sessions and is in great spirits after.

A 78 year-old resident who arrives early for every session tells his therapist: "I see the difference, and even my friends tell me they do-I don't hesitate so much when I'm talking to them-the words come more quickly, and I feel more confidant."

A 90 year-old resident states: " It's tricky, but I like it-It's fun-It feels good to be learning something new and doing something good for myself - My daughter's very happy I'm doing this."

A 94 year-old woman tells her clinician: "At my age, I figure I'm going to be forgetting some things, but I don't want it to keep getting worse-this gives me hope."

A 92 yr-old male resident of an Assisted Living community reports: "Not only does my memory work better, but now I know how to use the computer to email my son.

A former nurse writes : "I am most thankful for the care I've received [from Dr. I.] I have felt for some time now that the assessments and the memory training exercises that I received have been most beneficial to my mental functioning and my overall sense of well-being ."

"I like this program because it gives back right away. I feel good when I'm doing this with you and it gives me confidence."